Wings Of The Wild
Delta Goodrem
Released 1 July 2016
Recorded 2015-2016
Length 49:15
Label Sony Music Australia
Producer DNA, Vince Pizzinga

"Wings Of The Wild" is the fifth studio album by Delta Goodrem. It was released on 1 July 2016 and debuted on the ARIA chart at number 1, making it her fourth album to do so.

Singles Edit

On 13 March 2015, Goodrem released a promotional single called "Only Human", as a tie-in with her return to Neighbours for the 30th Anniversary. The song peaked at number 46 on the ARIA chart.

The lead single from the album, "Wings", was released on 24 July 2015. The song was very successful, becoming her first ARIA number 1 single since "In This Life" in 2007. The song also went Platinum.

The second single from the album, "Dear Life", was released on 6 May 2016. The song peaked at number 3 and went Gold.

"Enough" is the third single from the album. It features Gizzle, making it her first hip hop song. The song was released on 24 June 2016 along with the preorder of the album. The song peaked on the ARIA chart at number 27.

The fourth single, "The River", was released in New Zealand in September, and released in Australia soon after.

Creation and InspirationEdit

Delta has indicated the album was about running her own race, that the album was about rawness and spontinuitiy, and through it celebrates her freedom and wildness. She also discusses haters on the song "Enough". She worked with DNA on many songs on the album. Much like her previous albums, most of the songs have a strong piano lead focus. Delta has also pointed towards Calvin Harris and HAIM's Pray To God, Ella Henderson, and London Grammer as strong inspirations for the album.

Delta's co-producers and co-writers on this album include: Dave Bassett (I'm Not Giving Up), DNA (Wings, Dear Life, In The Name Of Life), David Hodges (The River), Martin Johnson (Heavy, Encore), Nathaniel Motte (Feline), Pete Nappi (Only Human), her long term friend and collaborator, Vince Pizzinga (Only Human, Feline, Love), and Jon Hume (Just Call) and Johnny Powers (Enough).

The album mostly deals with self criticism, maturity, standing up for yourself and rawness (I'm Not Giving Up, Dear Life, Heavy, Only Human, Feline, Wings), a murder ballad (the River) A empowering break up song (Encore) and some good old feel good pop (Just Call, Hold On). and a rap collaboration (Enough),

Pre Album Speculation Edit

Unlike prior records where Delta refused to discuss her ideas while in the process of making the album itself, minus one or two songs. Delta took a more transparent process during this era.

Delta leaked a video of Enough in early 2013, released Only Human early 2015, discusses and performed I'm Not Giving Up and Feline in prior to album performances, around the logies and for twitter, in 2015 put You and You Alone out for her friends supporting their marriage, in 2015, she took a role in Cats, tweeted lyrics to fans, She even discussed the transition from Feline to Wings Of the Wild title itself.

Critical reception Edit

The album is said to be symphonic, poppy, take inspiration from Calvin Harris/Hiam (Pray To God) and Ella Henderson, A Bit Of Pop says "two things are striking: Delta uses a lot of strings on this album and most tracks are actually quite uptempo". They also say Delta "who had her breakthrough thanks to piano ballads, excels on big pop melodies", which is "similar" to "‘Wings’". They state "She opens the album with the confident anthem ‘Feline’ that quite perfectly summarizes the sound of Wings of the Wild" They say both In The Name Of Love, Encore and I'm Not Giving Up are great pop songs and future singles "‘In The Name Of Love’, which seems to be her best shot as next single, this followed by a strong hook and some banging beats. ‘I’m Not Giving Up’ is "another pop anthem with a clear message about standing behind the choices you make and on the drums based ‘Encore’ she tells an ex lover not stay around after the show""

Thomas Bleach generally agree's with these ideas saying the album is poppy but thinks other songs should be singles: "“Just Call”, “In The Name Of Love” and “Hold On” are big pop moments that could easily be heard on the radio and simultaneously top the charts. " He also highlights Feline: "Opening track “Feline” perfectly captures the mood of the album oozing confidence and giving you vivid imagery. “I’m running into the fire , falling into the flames. Turns me into a lion"”. also gives the album a good review saying "Feline. A fired-up Goodrem sings “everywhere you turn there’s another torch that burns, it doesn’t hurt me anymore ... you woke up the animal and I’m never going back, I’m the leader of the pack.” They also think Just Call and In The name Of Love are a highlight " "Just Call recalls the bouncy swagger of Emeli Sande’s Next to Me, but with turbo percussion, In the Name of Love comes from local team DNA and sits nicely alongside Wings"</ref>

A review called "Who Is Delta Goodrem, Really? states that "Nearly 50 minutes of Wings Of The Wild and its "attention must be paid" sonics gets you no closer to an answer to the question of who is Delta Goodrem and what does she want to be, beyond successful?" Concluding the album lyrics are generic and it's theme simply self affirming and inspiring.


1. Feline

2. Wings

3. Dear Life

4. Just Call

5. In The Name Of Love

6. Enough (Feat. Gizzle)

7. Heavy

8. Only Human

9. The River

10. I'm Not Giving Up

11. Encore

12. Hold On

13. I Believe In A Thing Called Love